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Metabolism Quiz

Note: Reliance on any information provided based on the quiz is solely at your own risk. The information provided based on the quiz is an independent opinion and does not recommend or endorse any specific product.

The quiz is not for use in medical emergencies or for critical health situations requiring prompt medical attention. The services are not intended to be real-time and may not be the best solution when a face-to-face consultation is a must; therefore, we strongly discourage any delay in seeking advice from your doctor on account of something that you may have heard/viewed on the website.

The quiz should not be treated as a replacement for obtaining consultation for diseases as the answer provided through the quiz may not be conclusive and shall not and cannot act as a substitute for physical consultation with a doctor.

The advice/information/opinion on the diagnosis you may receive based on the quiz could be limited and provisional.

What Is your Name?


How old are you?

Write your actual age.

What is your gender

Select what is your gender

What is your body type?

Select the one which you've seen from childhood not when you are gaining or losing weight.

How is your fruit intake?

How often do you eat fruits?

What is your vegetable servings in a day?

A serving of vegetables is a half cup of cooked (100 grams) or one cup of raw produce (201 grams).

How much do you eat spicy food?

For this purpose, choose as per your intake in a week.

Is there anything that annoys you when you eat?

Choose the one that you relate with the most.

How often do you eat Whole Grain based food?

How likely are you to opt for a whole-grain option instead of pasta, bread, rice, or a snack made with white flour?

Are you well-hydrated?

During an average day, how much water do you drink?

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Lifestyle Tips to Help Improve Your Digestive Health Quiz Score

No matter what the digestive health check says you scored, you can change it. There are dietary and lifestyle choices you make every day that can help you see a better score next time you take the digestive health quiz.

Eat plenty of Fiber—preferably from whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains.

Seek Diet variety from a wide range of foods to help support variety in your gut microbiome.

Stay Proper Hydrated—for maintaining healthy digestion and supporting total-body health.

Monitor your Caffeine Consumption.

Pay attention to What your poop says about your health.

Chew your food Thoroughly—it helps break up the food for healthy digestion and mixes in digestive enzymes in your saliva.

Manage your Stress levels.